SMU-4000: SNMP Plug-in Management Controller.


      Plug-in SNMP option for IRT 4000 series cards.
      Programmable Management Information Base (MIB) to suit intended module.


User Manual  


The SMU-4000 is a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) plug-in interface option for IRT 4000 series modules when used in IRT's SNMP compatible series frames.

The SMU-4000 is programmed with a Management Information Base (MIB) suitable for the type of module that it is to be plugged into.

IRT 4000 series cards that are SNMP upgradeable need the SMU-4000 plug-in module programmed with their own relevant MIB to be recognisable by the SNMP system.

The SMU-4000 acts as an interface between the module that it is plugged into and the CDM-XXXX SNMP Agent within the IRT SNMP compatible series frames. Module conditions such as alarm states or signal conditions are communicated to the SNMP Network Management System (NMS) via the CDM XXXX SNMP Agent. Likewise control commands are communicated from the NMS, to the SNMP Agent, to the relevant module via the SMU 4000 plug-in module.

Due to our policy of continuing development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.