IRT-6170-AVS:   Dual 4x1 / Single 7x1 75Ω Relay Switcher


      Dual 4 x 1 or single 7 x 1 relay switch.
      75 ohm unbalanced Inputs & Outputs.
      Latching relays.
      Optional Remote Control.
      DashBoard™ software monitoring and control.


User Manual  


The IRT-6170-AVS switcher is part of a family of IRT openGear® switchers that may be linked and configured by the user to cover a wide range of switching and monitoring functions.

On board links allow the switcher to be configured for either dual 4x1 or single 7x1 operation.

The switcher may be slaved to operate in conjunction with similar switchers for analogue and digital video and audio signals.

This makes the switchers ideally suited to situations where a mixture of analogue and digital signals are present.

Optionally remote control is via a momentary wire per crosspoint (WPX) control connector allowing interface to the IRT-RC1 remote control panel or a telemetry system, or alternatively via an RS232 remote.

The IRT-6170-AVS is designed to fit the openGear® standard 2RU frames which allow a mixture of cards from various manufacturers to be mounted within the same frame.

The DashBoard™ control software is available as a free download.


Signal path:
Signal types
Video / unbalanced AES / G.703.
Non-terminating, designed for 75 Ω use.
Switching characteristic
Magnetic latching relay.

Type 1
Momentary wire per crosspoint (WPX) grounding contacts.
(Front edge push button switches or optional remote control panel).

Type 2
openGear® DashBoard® software.

Type 3
RS-232 (9600bps, 8 data bits, No parity, 1 Stop bit, No flow control).

Phoenix 3 terminal plug-in blocks.
Control (with remote option)
Plug in 10 pin HE14 dual IDC, DB9 or DB15.

Power Requirements:
+ 12 Vdc.
Power consumption
< 1.5 VA.

Temperature range
0 - 50°C ambient.
Suitable for mounting in an openGear® 2RU rack chassis.
Dimensions (openGear® standard)
33.6 mm x 2U x 325 mm.

Supplied accessories
Rear connector assembly.

IRT-6170-AVS, programmed with DashBoard™ control.
Dual width rear assembly with remote control interfaces.
Remote control panel with 8 pushbuttons & tally LED's.
1RU 19" rack mounting plate for IRT-RC1 and IRT-RC2 remote control panels.


IRT-6170-AVS                                 IRT-6170-VRC                                       IRT-RC1

IRT-RP1 fitted with IRT-RC1

Due to our policy of continuing development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.