IRT-6100-DDF:   Triple Passive Splitter


      Switch selectable for single 1 in, 8 out or dual 1 in, 4 out distribution amplifier
      Triple 2 way RF splitters.
      Operates in the frequency range of 0.25 MHz to 300 MHz.
      Suitable for 34/45/270 Mb/s data rates.
      No power required - totally passive.
      Connections made by BNC connectors.
      For mounting in an openGear frame.


User Manual  


The IRT-6100-DDF is a triple channel 2 way RF splitter in a standard 2 RU openGear format. It is primarily intended for use as a passive splitter for splitting data streams.

Each of the RF splitters is rated for 250 kHz to 300 MHz operation and is suitable for 34, 45 or 270 Mb/s data rates.

The IRT-6100-DDF is a passive unit that requires no power to operate.

The IRT-6100-DDF comes as a rear connector panel comprising of 75 Ω BNC input and output connectors.

The IRT-6100-DDF is designed to fit the openGear standard 2RU frames which allow a mixture of cards from various manufacturers to be mounted within the same frame.


Input / Output:
3 (one input & two outputs per channel).
75 Ω.
Passive 2 way split.

Frequency range
0.25 to 300 MHz.

                        0.25-2.5 MHz
                        2.5-150 MHz
                        150-300 MHz
> 15 dB;
> 15 dB;
> 15 dB.

Insertion loss above 3 dB
                        0.25-2.5 MHz
                        2.5-150 MHz
                        150-300 MHz
< 0.75 dB;
< 2.0 dB;
< 2.0 dB.

Phase unbalance
                        0.25-2.5 MHz
                        2.5-150 MHz
                        150-300 MHz
< 2.0°;
< 3.0°;
< 5.0°.

Amplitude unbalance
                        0.25-2.5 MHz
                        2.5-150 MHz
                        150-300 MHz
< 0.15 dB;
< 0.2 dB;
< 0.3 dB.

Maximum power dissipation
1 W.

Power Requirements:
Nil - totally passive.

Temperature range
0 - 50°C ambient.
Suitable for mounting in an openGear 2RU rack chassis.
Dimensions (openGear standard)
33.6 mm x 2U.

Ordering          IRT-6100-DDF
IRT-6100-DDF, rear connector assembly.


Due to our policy of continuing development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.