FRU-4001: 3RU Eurocard Frame.


      Provision for two power supplies for redundancy.
      Holds up to 10 IRT Eurocard modules with two supplies fitted, or 12 IRT Eurocard
         modules with a single supply fitted.
      Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) capability.


User Manual


The grouping of products with a common frame and mains power supply benefits the user by providing economy and maximum utilisation of valuable space.

Different modules, including digital and analogue, may be mixed in the one frame to provide a compact solution to system design and ease of later expansion.

Provision is made for two power supplies (AC or DC) for redundancy, although the frame can be used with only a single supply.

With two supplies fitted, the FRU-4001 will take up to 10 IRT current series Eurocards. If only a single power supply is fitted, the maximum number of Eurocards increases to 12 by removing the second power supply rear assembly.

When fitted with a CDM-4001 SNMP Agent module the FRU-4001 frame has the added capability of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring and control. The CDM-4001 has its own designated slot and does not affect the number of modules that can be loaded into the frame.

SNMP allows remote monitoring and control of modules via an Ethernet connection by a computer using third party Network Management Software. Modules must be fitted with their own relevant Management Information Base (MIB) sub modules.

The FRU-4001 frame will take all IRT 4000 series Eurocards as well as current 700 and 3000 series Eurocards that have the correct type of power connector on the rear assembly.


3 RU SNMP Frame plus Power Supply
FRU-4001 frame
Power Supply:
Input Voltage
Selectable:     240 Vac 10%.
                     220 Vac 10%.
                    130 Vac 10%
                    110 Vac 10%
-48 Vdc 25%
(48 Vdc positive ground)
45 Hz - 65 Hz
500 mA anti-surge*
1.5 A anti-surge
14-0-14 Vac
80 VA max.
16 Vdc
+16V @ 1.6A, -16V @ 1.6A
Yes (when 2 x PSUs used in frame)
Yes (when 2 x PSUs used in frame)
Alarm Outputs
Terminal Block
Terminal Block
Standards Approvals

Power Input
IEC 320 (per PSU)
Terminal Block

10/100 BaseT
9 pin female 'D' connector

0 - 50°C ambient
3 RU 19" rack frame
482 x 132 x 253 mm
Frame finish
Passivated mild steel and anodised aluminium
PSU finish
Front Panel - Grey background, black lettering and red IRT logo.
body & rear panel - bright finish passivated steel with silk screen black lettering.

* Use 1 A anti-surge fuse for 110 Vac (or 130 Vac) operation.
**For SNMP operation, FRU-4001 must be fitted with CDM-4001 SNMP Agent module.
Alarm outputs only active when fitted with CDM-4001 SNMP Agent module.

  Network Management System (NMS) software is third party software.
  A basic NMS is available free of charge on the IRT Electronics CD catalogue & website.

Due to our policy of continuing development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.