DAI-4207:   3G/HD/SD-SDI Digital Audio Inserter.


      Standard 75 Ohm 3G/HD/SD-SDI video input and outputs.
      Supports 3G and all HD & SD video line and frame rate standards.
      Inserts audio signals into 2 selectable groups.
      Eight high quality analogue audio inputs,
      Four 110 Ohm balanced AES inputs, or optionally four 75 Ohm unbalanced AES inputs.
      20 bit and 24 bit audio supported.
      Z, C, U data preserved.
      48 kHz AES resampling.
      Ability to replace existing embedded audio.
      Indicators for presence of SDI input type & audio inputs.
      External alarms for loss of carrier.
      Selectable 3G, HD & SD SDI generator outputs colour black, blue, green or yellow test
          signal on loss of SDI input.
      Selectable tone generator inserts audio test signals within set audio groups.
      Cascadable - Two SDI outputs for connection to additional units.
      Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) capable.


User Manual  


The DAI-4207 is a high performance audio embedder for either 2.97 Gb/s 3G-SDI, 1.485 Gb/s HD-SDI or 270 Mb/s SD-SDI video signals.

A typical SDI signal may contain up to eight audio pairs arranged in four groups. Each DAI-4207 is capable of inserting two audio groups into an existing SDI video stream. Group selection is made via on board DIP switches.

An audio group consists of either two AES signals or four analogue audio signals, thus four AES signals or eight analogue audio signals, or a combination of both, are capable of being inserted over two audio groups. As well as the inputted audio signals, it is possible to swap existing audio channels between groups within the stream without the need to de-embed and re-insert the audio channels.

A selectable tone generator with multiple frequency test tones and levels is provided allowing for audio system setup alignment. These test tones are embedded into the stream on the selected groups.

Front panel LED indicators are provided for SDI input rate and audio input presence.

The DAI-4207 is cascadable with two SDI outputs being provided.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring is possible when mounted in an IRT frame fitted with SNMP capability.

The DAI-4207 is fabricated in IRT's standard Eurocard format and may be housed in a variety of IRT Eurocard frames alongside other standard modules.

NOTE:      X corresponds to Groups 1, 2 or 3;
                Y corresponds to Groups 2, 3 or 4
                (X cannot equal Y).
M LED     Drop Frame rate indicator.
                Corresponds to various 3G and HD frame rates at 23.98, 29.97 or 59.94 frames per second.


SDI input:
1 (BNC).
75 Ω terminated.
Automatic, >100 metres at 1.485 Gb/s & 2.97 Gb/s,
> 250m at 270 Mb/s for Belden 8281 or equivalent cable.
270 Mb/s (SD-SDI) video with or without embedded audio serial data to SMPTE 259M;
1.485 Gb/s (HD-SDI) video with or without embedded audio serial data to SMPTE 292M;
2.97 Gb/s (3G-SDI) video1 with or without embedded audio serial data to SMPTE 424M.

SDI output:
2 (BNC).
75 Ω sourced.
Regenerated and re-clocked, as per input type.

AES/EBU Inputs1:
4 (2 Groups).
110 Ω balanced (standard), or 75 Ω unbalanced (with optional rear assembly).
Signal amplitude
3.5V ± 1Vp-p (standard balanced rear assembly);
(1 Vp-p optional unbalanced BNC rear assembley).
Resampled at
48 kHz, automatic.
Audio pair Group X2
AES 1 & AES 2 (CH1/2 & CH3/4).
Audio pair Group Y2
AES 3 & AES 4 (CH5/6 & CH7/8).

Analogue Audio Inputs1:
8 (2 Groups).
Impedance (balanced)
10 kΩ.
Input level
+24 dBu at Full Scale.

Front Panel Indicators:
SD-SDI input present.
HD-SDI input present.
3G-SDI1 input present.
Dropped Frame indicator. 3G/HD-SDI Frame Rate = 23.98, 29.97 or 59.94 fps, varies with line rate and whether interlaced or progressive.
Channel 1 audio input available for Group X position2.
Channel 2 audio input available for Group X position2.
Channel 3 audio input available for Group X position2.
Channel 4 audio input available for Group X position2.
Channel 5 audio input available for Group Y position2.
Channel 6 audio input available for Group Y position2.
Channel 7 audio input available for Group Y position2.
Channel 8 audio input available for Group Y position2.

Power Requirements:
28 Vac CT (14-0-14) or ± 16 Vdc.
Power consumption
< 8 VA.

Temperature range
0 - 50°C ambient.
Suitable for mounting in IRT 19" rack chassis with input output and power connections on the rear panel.
Finish:             Front panel
Grey background, black lettering & red IRT logo.
                       Rear assembly
Detachable silk-screened PCB with direct mount connectors to Eurocard and external signals.
6 HP x 3 U x 220 mm IRT Eurocard.

Related modules
DAX-4207 digital audio extractor.

              NOTE:          1
Works at 3GA 1080p50 and 1080p60 rates.
X corresponds to Groups 1, 2 or 3; Y corresponds to Groups 2, 3 or 4. X cannot equal Y.


Due to our policy of continuing development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.